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Your Hobbies. Your Identity!

When a husband and wife become parents, their life starts revolving around their munchkins. They give their best in raising their children well. And in doing so, they sometimes overlook what they enjoy doing. A hobby is a fantastic way to not only keep ourselves engaged but also to push our imagination and creativity, thereby forging our own identity.

For many of us and it is especially true for mothers, parenting almost becomes our primary job. And things don’t necessarily change drastically when the kids grow up a little. Pick and drop from school, taking care of school-work, taking them to various activities mean that we are left with little time for anything else. There is a major shift in the balance when kids become more independent and start managing things on their own. We are left with time on our hands but we aren’t quite sure what to do with it. And this is when loneliness starts to creep in. Sounds grim, right? Absolutely not!

But how to make the most of this time? We tell you how!

Develop and Pursue a hobby

If you just pick up the phone and go on a Netflix binge every time you are lonely, you are losing out on a lot of value that you can add to yourself. What is needed is a little self-reflection on what you love or what you would love to learn and practise.

Home Chef

If you love stirring up amazing food for your family, this is right up your alley. Home chefs are in great demand now. Brush up on trending foods and techniques, go through cookbooks and find your own niche. You can take cooking classes in your spare time or if you want, start a small catering business from home.

Art and Crafts

Has it ever happened to you that you stumbled upon a painting done by you long ago, amazed at the beautiful creativity? Go on, pick up those paint brushes and continue what you loved doing. Decoupage, origami, flower arrangements, etc are various options to choose from.

Freelance Writer

Don’t let all those prizes you won in school and college for writing go to waste. You can either become a freelance writer for various niches or you could write that book you wanted to for so long. Let your creative juices flow.


Planting and watching a sapling grow could be extremely therapeutic. You might not have the luxury of a big garden, let your love show in your balcony or on the terrace. You can grow flowers, bonsai or even a mini kitchen garden.



Ahh! Years of looking after kids we often forget to look after ourselves. If you love dancing, you can utilize this hobby to get fit and fitter. And the joy you’ll get out of it-priceless. As for singing, let your voice be heard outside of the bathroom. You can even utilize these skills to take classes for children in your housing society or apartment complex.

Now, don’t limit yourself to the list above as the possibilities are endless. A hobby should be thought of something with not necessarily a monetary aspect attached but one which gives you joy. A hobby gives you a sense of purpose that helps you carve your own identity. What’s stopping you, GO FOR IT!

About the author:

Shashwati is an engineer, ex-banker, part-time writer and a full-time mom, settled in Lucknow. Since childhood, books were an inseparable part of her life. Her fondest memories always revolved around books. She started writing on the insistence of her mother.

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