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World Mental Health Day – Little Things Matter!

10th October happens to be World Mental Health Day. The other day, I was watching the movie, Dear Zindagi. There was a headline saying, “Alia Bhatt to romance 4 heroes in her upcoming film!” When I started watching it, I judged her to be psycho. But as the story progressed, it helped me understand the reason behind her behavior. The incidents from her childhood were so prominently engraved on her mind, she used to find it hard to trust people.

Some of us recklessly keep making decisions in life, without thinking of the consequences of it. As far as family and kids are concerned, we think they will understand and adjust. Sometimes it happens as well, but the rest of the time it does end up in a big blunder. The littlest things make the biggest impressions.

1) If your kid is asking you something, whether relevant or irrelevant to their age group, answer it, make sure your answer has convinced them.

2) If you have to say them a NO for doing or choosing something, always do it with a reason, probably they will understand and make wise decisions. Always tell them that you know things better and screaming or scolding them will make it a habit for them.

3) Involve them in family conversations, they might not understand everything, but they will not feel left out.

4) Whenever there is a time that you have to take a big decision, it may be transferred to a different place for work purposes (with or without family), spouses getting separated on their own choices, or anything else. These are very delicate decisions. It a big emotional shift for them. Keep them aware and mentally prepared for situations like these.

5) In any decision you take, either for self or them do not assume them to be convinced, agreed, and happy with it. They might have something else in mind or may not be prepared for it.

6) When you are a parent, you have to see things through their eyes, understand situations through their perspective.

7) Please do not pressurized kids to score good and top. Let them explore their academics. Comparing them with any other kid of their age is a bad idea too; every child is different and unique in their way.

8) Parents always want the best of everything for their kids. But, I, the contrary would request you to let them go through every phase. Good and bad, success and failure, abundant money, and adjusting when short of it. Protecting them and guarding them will not prepare them for all the situations that they might face even in your absence. So prepare them for everything.

Do not take away their innocence from them. We make most of our memories and register most of our learnings during childhood. These things mold our character as well as our behavior for years to come.

About the author:

Nilshree Atish Yelulkar is an engineer by qualification and now a homemaker and a mother who discovered her passion for writing!

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