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Wise Wednesday

Meet our second personality “Varsharani Palekar” in the Wise Wednesday series

Varsharani Palekar

Here’s an excerpt from our interview with her!

  1. Tell us something about yourself and your parenting journey.

I am Varsharani Palekar a businesswoman. After completing my bachelors in international business management with a gold medal I perceived my MBA. Being a parent especially of a daughter makes you more sensible. You see things differently like in my Restaurant now I’m more curious about the quality of food, hygiene and especially the atmosphere of the restaurant should be kids friendly

Every time I make any decision, I imagine me and Sara experiencing the situation in a restaurant which help me to make my decision.

  1. One challenge that you have faced repeatedly and your learning from that.

Sometimes when I am out travelling with Sara in public, there was a questionable behaviour of the people. So now I am more alert, especially in crowdy and public areas.


  1. One thing that you have learnt from your child/children.

“Enjoy the moment.” This is the most important thing I have realised because of her.


  1. How was your experience with Me and Mom event curated by Pallavi Morey mane and Neha Verma Madan?

I am really thankful to Pallavi and Neha ma’am for providing such a great platform to showcase the talent and making the bond stronger between mother and child. I am sure that this will create a strong foundation for kids’ in their future.


  1. What does it feel like to relive your passion and win too?

To be on stage and performing was like reliving the childhood with my child. Getting appreciated motivates me and gives me confidence that I am on the right path to groom Sara.


If you wish to get in touch with the organizers of this event, connect with them here

Pallavi Morey 

Neha Verma Madan


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