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Wise Wednesday

Meet our first personality in the Wise Wednesday series


Gunjan Saxena


Here’s an excerpt from our interview with her!

  1. Tell us something about yourself and your parenting journey.

Ans. My name is Gunjan Saxena. I am a Pune based practising Company Secretary having an experience of over 13 years. I have a son named Atharva, who is 8 years old now. Since the time he is born, my life has become even more beautiful and learning some. I have experienced many exciting phases along with a few challenges which have always added value to my personality in a positive manner. I completely agree with the very famous saying that “I am proud of many things in my life but nothing beats being a MOTHER”

  1. One challenge that you have faced repeatedly and your learning from that.

Ans. I think we all face so many challenges in our lives but for me, it’s the patience factor which I keep on adding by means of various challenges in my professional and personal life. Most of my problems need time and patience to solve those completely and I believe that each time I have a different learning in terms of being even more patient.

  1. One thing that you have learnt from your child/children.

Ans. All the children make us learn so many positive aspects of life. In my case, I usually observe my son how he is excited for even the smallest of Joys and how it helps him to enjoy all the present moments of life. I learn enthusiasm, innocence, vigour to do everything by giving our 100%, how to be joyful for no reason and how to enjoy life at its best.

4.   How was your experience with Me and Mom event curated by Pallavi Morey mane and Neha Verma Madan?

Ans. It was my very first experience in a field related to fashion shows and ramp walk etc. and I would say it has become a life time experience for me. Though this event was the first season organized by these two very talented and beautiful ladies but it was so well organized that it felt like they have done many such shows earlier. The choreographers, the jury, all designers and each and every person associated with it was so experienced that we learnt a whole lot of things out of the event.

  1. What does it feel like to relive your passion and win too?

Ans. According to my perception of experiencing a beautiful life, I believe in living and following my passion everyday. So, this event was definitely one of the most beautiful phases of my life and winning in it is like a cherry on top of the cake. After going through the various aspects of being a model, my respect and love for the profession has gone even higher. I will cherish each and every moment of it and would like to wholeheartedly thanks Pallavi Morey Mane and Neha Verma Madan for providing this prestigious opportunity and it will always hold a special place in my heart as I shared this one with my son! 😊

If you wish to involve yourself in such events, reach out either of them now – Pallavi Morey Mane or Neha Verma Madan


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