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Truly a wonder kid – “Anaisha Anish Kering”

Anaisha Anish Kering is one of a kind. A student of St. Mary’s School, Pune, she has been abundantly bestowed with unique gifts. Her sweet voice and innocent smile go perfectly with her accomplishments.

At just five years of age, her genius mind nurtured carefully by her mother, is set to achieve great things. Not one to shy away from a challenge or learning new things, Anaisha loves reading, listening to music, solving puzzles, painting, and creating artistic things too!

Her stellar list of achievements is all result of her astute grasping power and memory skills. When Anaisha was 4.5 years old, she won a merit award for solving the 3X3 Rubik’s cube at the National level Rubik’s Cube Championship held in Mulund, Mumbai by Indian Cube Association in addition to another merit award for solving 3 different types of cubes (3X3, 2X2, and Pyraminx) at the Hyderabad National Cube Championship, held by Indian Cube Association. She’s a champion at speed cards in which can memorize and repeat an entire deck of cards.

Anaisha is also a brilliant storyteller and combined with her cubing skills, she was recognized as ‘India’s Young Wonder’ by Intelligence Plus and will be featured in their Online Parenting Summit and their social media portals.

She took her storytelling abilities a notch higher when won the first prize and the title of ‘Master Storyteller’ at ‘Tell-Ur-Tale’, a national level storytelling competition organized by Wiz Kids Carnival.
We wish her a glorious future!

Shashwati Dixit from team News Shuttle also had a fantastic conversation and interview with this super kid. Don’t miss the chat.  YouTube

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