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Think You Can Make Children Smile Through Stories?

Don’t we feel immense joy when we touch someone’s life?

All of us have the ability to transform people’s lives each day but only a few get the opportunity to do so often. A kind word, a helping hand, a simple gesture, a joke to make someone smile…. these stay for a long time in the minds of people, but gestures of kindness stay for longer in the minds of children.

Children’s minds are pure and their hearts open to love. They are the most receptive they are at play, or around music and stories.

GetLitt! a children’s digital library, (www.getlitt.co) presents a unique opportunity to bring joy into the lives of children.

We would like to gift the magic of stories to little ones, but our focus is to reach out to those children who do not have access to quality reading material. We want these children to be able to enjoy plots, laugh with the characters, feel their emotions and get transported to the land of stories! It would give us great happiness to delight these children and we want you to experience that feeling too!

From today leading all the way up to Children’s Day (November 14), we are looking for volunteers to join us in gifting children the Joy of Reading. We want you to read to these children and turn them into readers/dreamers for life.

GetLitt! will be giving special access to their entire digital library to volunteers so that they can read from the choicest stories written by talented Indian authors of today. Exciting, right?

Think you can spare a few hours into taking children to the magical land of stories? If yes, fill this form https://forms.gle/Cos6s4z3aXDywJwp7 OR email us at campaign.getlitt@gmail.com

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