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Teen-y Affair – Understanding Teens!

Teenage is a phase where you are treated like a child but expected to behave like an adult.

Growing up has never been easy. Be it now … a decade ago, a century ago, or even hereafter. Some existential thoughts like “They don’t understand .. I am so confused.. Do I have to make these choices now?… why are relationships so hard ? Look at my body.. Am I old enough or young? …” and many more always remain.

So who do we turn to, to sort ourselves out? Do these questions really go away as one progresses from teen to adulthood to more adulthood? Well !! It seems Teen-age tends to consciously spark a journey that all of us embark to never really stop.

So how does one manage this “new” growing-up-life full of experiences? Some may say “Ah! Big deal we all grew up!!” True .. but wouldn’t it be interesting to try a road less traveled?

Making unknown relatable:

  1. Understanding Teenage will call for many changes including emotional, behavioral, and social. A lot of it is beyond our awareness. Giving time to unfold and exploring gradually helps. Allowing each other in the journey can be magical.

  2. Every teenager is trying to figure their lives as much as the parent. Both of you are new to these changes .. SO patience and communication can be of great help

  3. Conflicts are natural: new perspectives to old things, experience Vs wanting to explore without clear consequences which are not understood, and many times.. just new things that are tough to accept. An open mind can tap & polish the potential that exists.

  4. Trust ..a loosely used word with a deep meaning. It doesn’t come easily but trusting your child and in turn, trusting your parent can blossom your chances of a balance between privacy & freedom. Now that’s an important one, isn’t it? Having a confiding Buddy like a slightly older aunt or an uncle, a known devil better than unknown!!

  5. Love! Love! Love! .. it has always been there from both sides and will always be there .. no matter how big is the mistake or how strict the parent is. There is always this bigger picture we all miss.

So here’s for the population that’s most Misunderstood: Ride-on … get ready for a zombie apocalypse .. but also get ready for that test tomorrow… For with privacy and freedom … comes responsibility … So even if you are not old enough… you are not young enough as well!!

About the Author

Bhavini Gandhi Shah

MA clinical psychology, Certified Arts Based Therapy practitioner, Reiki Master, Emerging Drummer, Founder Inside Arts Studio. Connect with her:

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