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Simple Ideas – Strong Conversations!

Let us find out how easy it is to integrate vocabulary development into your home life. You are sure to find these ways fun, interactive, and also an opportunity to bond better with your little ones.

Encourage your child to probe new words

Show curiosity and delight when they share a new word with you. It is absolutely perfect if you do not know the meaning of a particular word, as a team – lookup dictionary, google more and find out not just the meaning but how well you can use it.


Sample this, if you want your child to remember the meaning of the word ‘reluctant’, you and your child could draw a situation that represents that word for them, such as a picture of them eating sprouts.

Two Way Always

Encourage two-way conversations with your child and not monologues. Ask open-ended questions and allow them to articulate their thoughts. Yes, sometimes patience is the key! So don’t rush that these conversations will be the interesting first time around.

One Step each day

Don’t bombard your child with lots of new words at once, introduce say one new word each day – 7 a week, that should be a great start.

Encourage them to read and read aloud

As obvious as it may sound, we cannot underestimate its importance, plentiful studies explain that children who read a lot have wider vocabularies compared to those who don’t.  

Even if your child is a good reader, let them still read aloud, it changes their confidence levels and also opens up more chances of conversation with your kid.

Play word games

Guess it right

You can start with simple games like

*Guess the word also known as “Who Am I?”

You may write a personality name – or a word on a piece of paper- and the child has to guess that and conclude by asking relevant questions to you. You may even limit the question to only 5 or 10.

You can play this game with a time limit or not, depending on how hard you want to make it for the kids. ‘

Also, board games such as Scrabble and Boggle are a great way to discover new words and consolidate knowledge. 



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  1. ANKITA MODI June 13, 2021 at 11:21 pm

    Absolutely agree with the points shared above.They would really do wonders in nurturing the young minds right from the start…
    Also, they must try putting them into action quite often..by using them in sentences, conversing with family or even while doing a small piece of writing randomly on any topic/ summarizing a story etc.
    These could be small milestones as they aim to achieve bigger goals… 🙂

    1. newsadmin June 14, 2021 at 6:20 pm

      Wisely concluded Ankita, thanks for sharing your views.


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