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Positivity Pill!

Do You Feel The Same At Times when
you are not able to control the unwanted,
undesirable, destructive thoughts,
which we call as NEGATIVE THOUGHTS?


We just can’t stop them and they enter our mind, jump around, create a mess, and make us feel unhappy. We do feel that we want to get rid of them as we know that they harm our feelings, disrupt our success path, narrow our focus, and shuts our minds off to new ideas. Then WHY are we NOT able to STOP them???

The reason we cannot is because we want to get rid of them as easily as swallowing a pill to get rid of the pain. But we forget, that as human beings its natural to get negative thoughts but what we should focus on is on preventing them and dealing with them in such a way that the occurrence lessens and finally stops.

As to stop a virus from entering our body we know it’s important to follow the necessary steps of hygiene, eat good
food, exercise and take care of ourselves consistently and build a strong immune system, so is the case with our mind as well. It’s essential that we follow the necessary steps in our life which help us build a sound immune system of our mind so that we prevent such thoughts that would come in our way of success. As we all know “Prevention is better than cure”, it applies everywhere. And the way we learn to build our immune system at a very early age, we need to build our thinking system early as well.

I am sure your next question is HOW?

An excellent way to embrace the power of positive thinking is to become more conscious of your own thoughts and feelings.

Here are some important 8 steps to help build an optimistic attitude towards life.

1) POSITIVE WORDS – We need to make changes in our thinking in such a way that our subconscious mind (the decision-maker) understands. Our subconscious mind does not recognize words like Don’t, Not, No in short all the
negative words. For example., if I say “Don’t do it”, it will only pick up “DO IT” and thus something which is not expected is done. Thus, use only positively- framed sentences like

  • Refrain from being lazy.
  • Mistakes help me learn and grow
  • I embrace new challenges

2) POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT – Invest time into things which you love and enjoy doing like Learn a new art, give time to your hobby, have positive people around you, listen to music or inspiring videos, read good books of inspiring authors, biographies, quotes and create a positive environment for yourself.

3) POSITIVE SELF-APPRECIATION – Put up your achievements in a noticeable place like your study table and
see them every day to feel happy for all that you have done. Why I say Positive appreciation because I want you to get
motivated and not become egoistic of your achievements. Set your goals and have them put in the same place so that
you see them as well every day. Put an affirmation on top of it “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and stronger”.


4) POSITIVE SELF-TALK – Have a positive Self-talk and ensure you avoid any negative words in it. The negativity trap is super easy to fall into and you may find yourself complaining about everything around you. Thus, its better you write it for yourself in all the possible positive words and then read it out for yourself till the time you have mastered yourself in positive self-talk.

5) POSITIVE APPROACH TO HELP OTHERS – Be thankful to whatever you have in your life. Be kind to the people around you. Help others with a positive approach. It means help because you want to help them and not because you have to help them. Enjoy every moment and embrace all good and bad with a smile. Make a gratitude list for yourself and see the change.

6) POSITIVE ATTITUDE TOWARDS YOUR ACTIONS – Believe that you are in charge of your destiny and no one can take away your dreams from you. Take responsibility for your behavior irrespective of the outcome. Accepting responsibility for your actions will help keep you thinking positively and prevent you from blaming others without reason.

7) POSITIVE PRACTICING – Remember there is no pill for a positive mind-set and it’s all on how you take care of your mental health every single day as you take care of your body. Cultivate a more optimistic attitude with practice.

8) POSITIVE HEALTH – Exercise, play, meditate dance or go for cycling or a nice walk with friends or family. That will boost your energy and help your mind refresh. Remember, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

I know, all these strategies are easy said than done. Remember that changing your way of thinking will take time
and practice but it can be done. Optimism isn’t something you can suddenly develop overnight, but you’re likely to soon notice your frequent negative thoughts are being replaced with more uplifting, positive thoughts.

“The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.” –Winston Churchill

About the author

Gitanjali Thite is a Soft skill and Personality Development Trainer. Check out her page: https://www.facebook.com/gitanjali.thite.1

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  1. Amrapali Baviskar - Dumbre August 18, 2020 at 5:40 pm

    Wonderfully expressed dear

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