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Natureous – natural, homemade cosmetics by a 10-year old!

We all love a little bit of make-up and cosmetics, especially when we are going out. It is not always to look good, but also to protect our skin. That is precisely the reason why we prefer natural, organic, toxin and chemical-free make-up and skincare products. Many of us have been using make-up and skin products without knowing about the harsh chemicals they have which damages our skin.

And, most importantly, do we consciously use such harmful products for our kids? Definitely NOT. Nowadays, everyone is cautious about the products they use and the ingredients that go in. Moreover, people want environment-friendly products that exhibit a responsibility towards Mother Nature as well.

So, do we have a brand that takes care of all these factors? The answer is a big YES.

Natureous was born when a 10-year old decided to give a shot to her passion for make-up. Shruthkirti Shankar, a homeschooler from San Jose, CA started to experiment with making her own lip-balms since her mom didn’t allow her to use the cosmetic ones at the store. The idea of making her own lip-balms looked like a fun experiment for her. And, then there was no looking back

Starting from a lip balm, she has created an array of make-up and beauty products that can be used both by kids and adults. As the name suggests, their products are natural, eco-friendly, homemade and cruelty-free cosmetics. Moreover, they are homemade, so you can use them for your child as well.

Head over to their FB page to check the amazing range of products and order as well. They are also available on Etsy. Their products are amazing and both you and your child will love them. Head over to NewsShuttle page to participate in the ‘MakeUp Magic Contest‘ and get a chance to WIN an amazing hamper from Natureous worth INR 500/-.

You can find them on social media:

FB: https://www.facebook.com/natureous/
Insta: @natureous.biz
YouTube: @natureous
Email Id: natureous.biz@gmail.com
Phone: +91 7263014059

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