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My Act of Heart – Celebrating Compassion through heart-warming stories based on real acts!

My Act of Heart – a global anthology is a compilation of 29 heart-warming stories along with more than 50 beautiful full colour illustrations and mentionable acts by children from around the world. The book is an attempt to inspire the reader for a kinder and more empathetic perspective in their lives.

My Act of Heart has been ideated and curated by Anjali G. Sharma and Deepika Ahuja. This is a full coloured book with illustrations to keep the readers engaged. The heart-warming stories based on real acts performed by children will inspire you to pause and reflect, instill courage in you to choose compassion and empathy when faced with a challenge. The curators, with this attempt invite the reader to immerse themselves in the stories and such that compassion can become a movement. These are stories of children, by children and for all of us. After each story, there are reflections/activities that children can themselves do, to build their empathy muscle. What makes this book unique is that these are value-based day to day stories where heroes are one of the children living amongst us.

Beginning of this journey

In today’s rather busy and materialistic world, we are all chasing goals and building castles. But, in this rat race, WE, especially our kids are missing out on essential life skills and empathy.

The curators of the book, Anjali and Deepika felt a strong need to share and spread the message of compassion. And, what better way than to tell it through stories! Hence, the idea of the book was born.

The seed of an idea and conceptualization

When Deepika reached out to Anjali with the idea of this book, watching some of the small acts of compassion by her children, the idea resonated with both of them. They thought that there would be other parents, children, and their educators who would have such stories to share.

And that led to the first step in conceptualizing My Act of Heart.

In May 2020 during the second wave of COVID-19, they shared the thought on social media inviting stories from children. There was an overwhelming response from all across. With the help of Charter of Compassion and its, network, they could reach children in Pakistan, Singapore, Australia, Chile, the USA, and Israel, and received stories and acts in different languages.

From the deluge of some very inspiring entries, were chosen 29 stories and a few acts to be included in the book. It was truly a mammoth task for the team to screen through the entries and select the ones to be finally included in the book. But that was not the end!

Giving a sensory feel to the book

They decided to rope in young, talented and budding illustrators to fill the pages with lovely pictures under the guidance of expert illustrators from Integrated Design Works. The children were given a few stories to read and asked to draw what appealed to them the most. Where the young illustrators couldn’t, the stories were given the sensory feel by the expert illustrators from IDW. Multiple rounds of design discussions and iterations led to the end product which is an amazing book of 200+ pages of captivating stories and illustrations.

The book was launched in paperback format on Amazon India on February 9th, 2022 and has been moving hearts and inspiring several acts of compassion since then.

You can GRAB a copy on Amazonhttps://www.amazon.in/Heart-Anjali-Sharma-Deepika-Ahuja/dp/9355785828/

For updates about the book and to meet the young authors and illustrators, follow them on social media.

Join their community- https://www.facebook.com/myactofheart

Follow them on Insta- https://www.instagram.com/myactofheart/

Anjali G Sharma- https://www.facebook.com/anjali.gurmukhani.sharma

Deepika Ahuja- https://www.facebook.com/deepika.ahuja.54

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