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Ms Moochie Books – An Unique Name in the Children’s Book Industry!

Ms Moochie Books is an independent publishing house. They publish contemporary Indian books for children. What sets them apart is their unique story → book process.

All new stories are taken to classrooms by storytellers. Feedback from the children is passed on to the author. They make changes accordingly. This loop is iterated till the children give the story an emphatic thumbs up, after which the book is made.


1. Tell us the story behind Ms Mocchie Books. Tell us about the writers and people who conceptualize the books.

The people at Ms Moochie Books are a bunch of book enthusiasts who love a good story.  Initially, we curated books for libraries in schools. We would source books from the market that fit our reading program. We were looking for books that had high quality illustrations and set in relatable Indian settings. Unfortunately, we weren’t finding the right books at the right price point. So, we decided to create theme appropriate, age appropriate books to meet the reading demands of children in our schools. In 2013, we published our first book, Aditi Zoo, and took our first steps into the world of publishing. There are currently two editors at Ms Moochie Books and we work with in house talent as well as established and upcoming authors.

2. Could you tell us what age group will mostly love reading these books and what kind of stories do you generally publish?

We publish books for children from 2 years to 14 years. Some of the most popular ones are the books from the Ramu and Ramya series, which are in rhyme for emergent readers. Other titles include, Suddenly Cow and I Won’t Eat That which are picture books for beginner readers. The Dog Who Taught Me Math is a lovely early chapter book. Quiz Quest and Too Cool for School are some titles from our chapter books collection. We generally publish contemporary stories in an Indian setting featuring proactive characters.

3. Tell us about BICW Awards?

Since 2016, the Best of Indian Children’s Writing (BICW) – Contemporary Award – aims to recognize and reward the best books for children in the age group of 6 to 12 years from publishers across the country.

Apart from the joy that comes with the recognition of good effort and great art, the BICW Award comes with a minimum guarantee purchase of the winning titles (anywhere between 200 to 2000 copies) which will, in turn, be distributed to schools across South India. We aim to make these books more accessible to tier 2, tier 3 city schools across South India.

4. One advice for parents on how they can encourage their children to read more. 

Reading to your emergent reader remains the best way to encourage a reader. And always have books around you. You could practice reading from physical books rather than reading on your device. After all, children imitate the adults in their sphere.

5. What makes Ms Moochie books different from others in the same niche?

Our series in rhythm and rhyme is highly popular with emergent readers as it features whimsical storyline and minimal text. We field test all our manuscripts with children. Narrating the story to the appropriate audience is one of the key steps in our publishing process.

Visit their website to explore the full range of amazing books for different age group of kids.

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