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Meet The Founder – Vanita Kanade from Healthioholic!

This week, on Meet The Founder, we have Vanita Kanade from HEALTHIOHOLIC

Tell us something about your brand.

Healthioholic is for everyone who is looking to become more healthy, to adapt the correct lifestyles so that you live for the purpose to achieve your goals and just not struggle to achieve mere fat loss as correct lifestyles will do that for you.

Tell us about the Founder.

Vanita Kanade, There idea behind was to create a healthy society, with personal experience in family realize how important health is so the motto has become Healthy society, healthy nation, healthy world. One step at a time to conquer the world.

What comes under the purview of your current products or services?

Healthy living guidance that you follow for the lifetime, understanding yourself from the body inside and outside point of view.

Who is your main target audience?

People aging from 6 months to 60+, anyone with the goal of fat loss, muscle gain, lifestyle change, metabolic conditions, Diabetes, PCOS/PCOS, Varicose veins, etc.

What are the main USPs that differentiate you from your competitors?

We work on every individual on daily basis, as per their body type and target, tracking what you feed your mind and body on daily basis along with WhatsApp chat services 24*7, in this journey we work as a team with you and lastly with correct knowledge one can guide but when you even experience the journey that’s when you become sure about the process.

Tell us about one or two of your success stories or testimonials.

1) Tried every diet, but couldn’t sustain it for longer as that pattern was more of punishing your body than nourishing it, when enrolled with Healthioholic the life has taken 360° turn and since two years Client has become very conscious about what she’s feeding her body and mind.

2) Doctor struggling to get off metabolic condition Diabetes, the best way to do this is the adapt the correct lifestyle with dedication, the consistency we managed to get off the medication and cleared lots of myths about food.

What are some of the main challenges you face in your business or in the current scenario?

The challenge is to keep one on track, adapt to disciple with continuous motivation till you start getting results, once you see how magnificently the food you eat helps you live healthier and boost your immunity naturally.

Any message for our audience.

Health is everything, as we don’t stop breathing, our organs working for us 24*7 it’s our duty to keep them healthy and not. Damage it with bad eating habits. It’s our duty towards ourselves first, when you look after yourself wisely you can look after your family, ultimately the world, you just have to take one step closer to yourself.


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