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Meet The Founder – Tasnim Contractor from BR Bakers!

This week, in Meet The Founder, we have Tasmin Contractor from BR Bakers
1. Tell us something about your brand.
BR Bakers is named after my children, Burhan and Rukaiya. With over 8 years of professional baking experience,  BR Bakers is among the top 10 bakers in Pune and among the top 100 across India. We are the pioneers of structure cakes and have always worked on quality. Client references and repeat clients have always been our USP. Based out of Kondhwa, Pune we have served clients all over Pune and have also delivered cakes to Mumbai and the middle east.
2. Tell us about the founder.
BR Bakers is the sole proprietorship of Tasnim Contractor, who is very flamboyant about her bakes. She has graduated from the University of Pune and has won many laurels in the baking industry. A brand name across Pune, Tasnim has always impressed her clients with her bakes. The structures, flavours, packing, delivery, punctuality, etc. name it and she is easily the best. She operates from her studio in Kondhwa, Pune.
3. What comes under the purview of your current products or services?
Structure Cakes, custom cakes, cupcakes, brownies, pies, etc. comes under our ever-growing scope of customer requirements.
4. Who are your main target audience?
Anyone who wants quality, authenticity, and specific bakes are our clients. Our bakes are done in a studio and not in a factory, we don’t mass produce but all our cakes are made according to specifics a client needs.
5. The USP that differentiates you from your competitors.
Quality is the major standout, if we promise kiwi cake..we deliver an entire layer of natural kiwi in the cake and not like others who place a piece of kiwi on the cake. Our structure cakes are benchmarks, it’s fun to see others try and ask for advice. We are original in our approach and that is our USP
6. Tell us about your success stories. 
This particular client scenario is 7 months back, I receive a call from the client who has a specific requirement for his son’s bday cake. A cake with a Rolls Royce car, a chartered plane, currency notes, and gold coins everywhere, sounds interesting ain’t it. But he didn’t know how to explain it to me, all he had was a budget and a son who watches a lot of Discovery TLC. I speak to his son, who is crystal clear about his requirements and is really serious about his cake, he knows all the details that is necessary and even the position of the car, currencies, plane, etc. Here, the customer and consumer are different (buyer and user), clicking a point of agreement between them, delivering a dream cake in a given budget was actually a task. Additionally, the client paid only half the amount as booking and claimed to pay the other half only if his son is happy, with the final result. After baking, I shared the pics with the client, who said that deliver the cake and I will pay upon my son’s verdict. With goosebumps and shaky legs, we delivered the cake. His son stepped up and was examining the cake, like some doctor examining his patient. I still remember his face, serious and expressionless, he examined the cake for a minute at least, which seemed more than an hour to me..then there was a smile, he loved the cake, his father loved the cake. Now they are my regular client.
7. Tell us about some of your business challenges. 
Budget or maybe they need a small cake, ideally half kg cake, with a whole lot of customization. Last-minute orders. Some clients even ask you to alter the design, when you go to deliver the cake. Some clients will want to change the flavour of the cake when you in the final stages of baking. So what’s the solution to this? …Be prepared with all your solutions, some can be possible, some can’t. Learn the art of saying NO, when it’s impossible because every cake is your own creation and trust me, no one would ever want to ruin things, if it is not possible. Be open in telling the clients about facts, if it can be done, then how..and if it can’t be done, then why. Win the client’s trust and things are much easier.
8. Message for our audience.
Cakes have always been a symbol of celebration, some people do it for the sake of it, while some care for their guests and want the best for them (cakes are normally shared among close people). Its upto you to decide, what you want to offer.

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