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Meet The Founder – Rakshita Dwivedi from Recipe Dabba!

We are glad to bring you the story of Rakshita Dwivedi from Recipe Dabba, a venture to empower young kids with healthy food choices, bring some easy and nutritious no-fire cooking recipes for kids in our ‘Meet The Founder. 

  1. Tell us something about your brand.

Recipe Dabba empowers kids to make healthy and holistic food choices. The vision behind Recipe Dabba is to educate kids in understanding food better and develop cooking as gender agnostic life skill.

  1. Tell us about the Founder(s).

Rakshita Dwivedi is the founder of Recipe Dabba and what started as a blog in 2014 conceptualized as a business in March 2017. Rakshita started this after quitting her full time job to pursue her passion around healthy cooking. As a working parent she realized how parents struggle with kids eating habits and how screens and junk is impacting today’s generation. For her this is a mission to hand hold kids and families to fall in love with healthy eating. Now the brand Recipe Dabba runs multiple online programs which are build up on this vision. While the path has never been easy but world has been kind to usher lot of love to her work. She has been felicitated by many awards like Web Wonder Woman by Ministry of Woman and Child Development in 2019, Homepreneur Awards in 2018, Women Disruptor in 2020 and recently 1000 Women Asia Awards by Womennovator in 2022 as few to name.

  1. What comes under the purview of your current products or services?

Currently we offer online kids healthy cooking and healthy baking programs, No Junk Food Program which works around healthy eating habit formation, Kitchen and Cooking Challenges which are focused around micro learning lessons around cooking as life skill.

Apart from this we are also working to introduce bring healthy gifts for kids and families.

On special requests we do conduct corporate sessions as well.

  1. Who are your main target audience?

5 to 12 year old urban kids

  1. What are your main USP that differentiate you from your competitors?

Our focus is not just on making kids learn cooking but make them learn and fall in love with healthy cooking. This is what makes us stand out. For us Recipe Dabba is a mission and not simply a business.

  1. Tell us about one or two of your success stories or testimonials

Gayatri : Mother of 10 year old Sahan – “Thank you so much RD for conducting this healthy baking Chocolate Chip Oats Cookies. My son Sahan thoroughly enjoyed learning to bake them and also understood why certain steps are needed and followed. The recipe was easy and with healthiest possible ingredients is really appreciated. I truly admired the way you interacted with him answering all his curious questions very patiently and  gave the reasoning in such a way that the child can understand and relate to. I strongly believe that Cooking is a very important life skill that all children should be aware and given the opportunity to have fun in the kitchen. You made it fun and enriching experience. Looking forward for more such experiences and memories.”

Shruti: Mother of 5 year old Advik – “RD, Thanks a lot for your session…my kid is after me now to ask u for daily cooking sessions…he is a big foodie thus loved to bake..cook. The reason I made such a young kid to attend was simply to inculcate good habit n to grow gender unbiased kid…he shud know cooking is not only a girl’s job…a guy can do dat too. Thanks a lot. Looking forward to many more sessions with you.” 

  1. What are some of the main challenges you face in your business or in the current scenario?

Healthy eating for adults itself is a challenge and here we are talking about young kids. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that it takes a lot of efforts from parents to have healthy options available at home. Also, our consumer is a child while customer is a parent, so the decision making is impacted with lot of factors eg Time, Willingness, Acceptance, Stereotypes etc.

Also lot many people still don’t understand the deep-rooted impact of junk food in our systems , so the challenge is constant education and how to make the change sustainable with minimum effort by parents.

  1. Any message for our audience.

Healthy eating is not about losing weight, it is about gaining food wisdom for life. A choice a child makes today will decide his health tomorrow.

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