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Meet The Founder – Dr. Reshma Sagari of Rida Wellness!

This week, we are glad to feature, Dr. Reshma Sagari, the Founder of Rida Wellness.
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/ridawellness
Website- http://www.ridawellness.com/
1. Tell us something about your brand.
Rida Wellness is a social impact venture catering to Holistic Wellbeing through Natural & Sustainable remedies. They bring highly effective solutions in the form of awareness programs, impactful employee wellbeing programs, clinical consultations – in-house and virtual as well as ready-to-use products – all focussed on natural medicine for a better quality of human life on all aspects and dimensions of wellbeing.
2. Tell us about the Founder(s). 
The founder – Dr. Reshma Sagari is a Healthcare practitioner for the last 16 years and as “Chief Wellness Officer” has been adding tremendous value to her clients and patients through her profession. She believes in the core values of empathy and hope. A strong believer of the principle “Be the change” she strives to bring change and believes in adaptability for a better quality of the one life we all are gifted with. She also nurtures the spirit of “Nothing is Impossible” and hence is an inspiration for many as she propagates trying vs giving up because of the faith that everything is possible – if you try to!
Co-founder Zuhair Ismail comes with a decade and a half of experience in technical sales. However, the idea of impacting the wellbeing of the connections he has made in his life made him join the team and as “Chief Growth Officer” he is enjoying his new journey into wellbeing while adapting to his lifestyle too!
3. What comes under the purview of your current products or services?
a. Holistic Clinical Consultations through Natural medicine Homeopathy, Bach flower remedies, Lifestyle management, and Acupressure
b. Ready to apply consumer products focussed on bringing Holistic & Sustainable well-being through Natural remedies abundantly found in nature like plant extracts, flower essences, and deep-sea minerals.
c. Holistic lifestyle and corporate wellbeing programs that help organizations add emotional intelligence to the overall wellbeing of the organization through regular engagements with workshops, meditative sessions, art therapy sessions, and counseling.
4. Who are your main target audience?
People – male and females between the age groups of 30 to 50 – inclined to make a shift in their wellbeing on a holistic aspect – not just physically but also emotionally, socially & behaviorally – without having to depend on medicines/drugs.
5. What are the main USP that differentiates you from your competitors?
The first-ever brand that offers simple natural remedies to improve the quality of human life with an emphasis on adapting holistic wellness as a lifestyle is definitely our USP. Of course, coming from the heart and soul of a healthcare expert with 16 years of clinical experience, the emphasis on the necessity of shifting from medicinal and chemical to natural lifestyle is the heart and soul of our brand.
6. Tell us about one or two of your success stories or testimonials.
It is when the consumer speaks that you realize whether you are really impactful or not. We have been blessed to have some of the amazing testimonials such as these:
A marathon runner, 40, got introduced to Rida Wellness Sports Spray made up of ocean minerals, and was mesmerized by the effectiveness in relieving the cramps and soreness of muscles that happens after a long run. Today, she is a proud consumer of not just the Sports Spray but also Nourishing Hair Gel, Strawberry Lip Balm, and Hibiscus Tisane simply because she started believing in the power of nature in healing. And the Sports Spray is her post-run recovery buddy!
Another quick success story is from a 42-year-old lady, coping with tremendous personal issues leading to build-up of severe chronic stress for years. The result was she could not sleep. She saw our products online on a platform and reached an exhibition where we were showcasing our products. Once convinced of the authenticity and interacting with Dr. Reshma herself she bought the Rida Wellness Sleep Well Roll-On – which is made up of 6 flower essences. She was able to get good sleep with that but soon forgot about it and it was lying in the drawer for quite a few months. She stumbled upon it again later while decluttering and realized she hasn’t been able to sleep well for quite a while and bingo .. that night she slept like a baby and immediately wrote back her experience to us. Today, she is also using our Holistic Wellbeing Services to cope better with the impact that Chronic Stress has made on her health today.
7. What are some of the main challenges you face in your business or in the current scenario?
Two main challenges:
With our corporate wellbeing programs, we experienced a great hesitation of including emotional intelligence & wellbeing in corporate wellness. Very few organizations have realized the importance of balanced, holistic wellbeing, and spreading this awareness through the corporate world has been on our priority list for now.
In the product line, the authenticity of the plants/herbs we source from the cultivators is really crucial. The biggest challenge so far has been the availability of all the medicinal plants that we need time and again as when they are off-season we don’t get to source them. Sometimes, some of the plants are just not available here in our country and it is tough to make a bigger impact with some wonderful therapeutic products whenever the raw materials are not available.
8. Any message for our audience.
Surely! We tend to see a doctor whenever we fall sick. While health is not about restoring it once it is gone for a toss, hence it is important to be aware of your body, mind, and soul. With awareness, we can manage our wellbeing much better and our health is in our hands. So eat a balanced diet, move a little, sleep well, hydrate well and meditate every day.
Note: Remember, nothing is impossible. So make it possible! Each life matters.

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