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Meet The Founder- Archana Deshpande from PotteryDen!

“A great brand is a story that’s never completely told.”
So, ‘Meet The Founder’, an initiative by NewsShuttle aims to share the untold stories of entrepreneurs. We strive to give a platform for these brands by showcasing their founder stories. Every Friday, meet a new Founder on our social media platforms and more about them, and their business.
Meet our first founder- Archana Despande from PotteryDen
1. Tell us something about your brand.
PotteryDen designs and makes hand-crafted pure clayware.
2. What comes under the purview of your current products or services?
All kind of handcrafted Tableware and home decor products which are in house designed.
3. Who are your main target audience?
PotteryDen has a total of 16 retailers in India and also in USA and UK.
4. What are the main USPs that differentiate you from your competitors?
PotteryDen products are pure clay made and hand-painted and hand textured with high food  grade colours.
5. What are some of the main challenges you face in your business or in the current scenario?
In PotteryDen the main challenge we face is to meet up to the demand because we have limited manufacturing capacity. In the current situation, people are experimenting a lot with cooking so We are proud to give our client fine dine restaurant effect at home.
6. Have you adapted your products or services to meet the requirements during the pandemic? 
We are working 10 times more to cope with the demand.
7. Any message for our audience
PotteryDen believes in having a balance between tradition and style. We always make sure we give the best of the quality and function product line to our client.
You can reach us @
Stay Tuned for the next week for another Founder Story. If you wish to cover your Founder story on our platform, please drop an email to info@newsshuttle.com. 

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