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Meet Shivansh Gujar

At just five years of age, Shivansh Gujar’s brilliant mind leaves us spellbound. His vivacious personality and naughty dimples complement a deep understanding that we don’t find often. What sets him apart is that Shivansh is always ready to take up new challenges and learn new things. This is evident in the way he has taken the road to master the Japanese language. All thanks to his mother who introduced the language when he was just two, Shivansh can now speak many sentences, count till 10, knows the days of the week and can also recite the Japanese version of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.

From an early age, Shivansh has displayed his proficiency in memory skills. Solving Rubik’s cube started as a playful activity for him but he can now solve it without even looking. He has been recognized as ‘India’s Young Wonder’ by Intelligence Plus for his cubing skills and the same will be featured in their Online Parenting Summit and their social media portal.

He was also awarded the title of ‘Skillful Cuber’ by Indian Cube Association when he was four years old.
He has now progressed to memorizing complex binary codes. He is skillfully moving ahead from one challenge to another.
But Shivansh is not all work and no play. Just like kids of his age, he loves reading, listening to music, solving puzzles, cycling, and doing art and craft activities. He secured 3rd position in the Storytelling Competition organized by his school, Hutchings High School, Pune.


Shivansh in his interview with News Shuttle also spoke about his mommy, who is a multi tasker herself. Neha Pratap Gujar Director at Genius Kid – Numero Magic   she truly believes in the power of positive parenting and enjoys her entrepreneurial journey along with raising a bright kid .

Watch Shivansh LIVE:


We wish Shivansh & her proud parents the very best for his brilliant future!

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