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Make the Locked-Down-Vacation a Fun-Staycation!

We are nearing, hopefully, the fag end of the lockdown period. Yet, with the coronavirus still going strong, it looks like a vacation this year will really be a staycation, with everyone staying home with their families. So, why not make the most of it, by using this time to enjoy to the fullest with our family members? Yes, you read it right! We can still have loads of fun while staying at home. Here are some fun-tastic ideas for you to make this year’s vacation a memorable one 


Become a History Detective

With so many of us living in small nuclear families in cities, we hardly know much about our ancestry. So why not put on our detective caps, and start tracking the family ancestry using a family tree, with the help of all family members? Call up granny and grandpa, all your uncles and aunts and have everyone chip in to create an as-detailed-as-possible family tree! It will keep not just you, but your entire extended family busy!

Don the MasterChef Hat

A lot of things are out of routine this year, so why should our food be routine? While the availability of some ingredients may be limited, thanks to the lockdown, we can still create imaginative, simple yet tasty meals using the ingredients at home. And while we are at it, let’s also spice up things a bit by changing what we eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So maybe, fritters made of cornflakes can make a novel dinner, or Maggi / noodles can make things interesting during lunch sometimes. And what’s more, it’s a great idea for you to take over the kitchen and give mom and dad a rest. Let them just supervise and help when required, while you cook up a storm that will put the MasterChef contestants to shame!

Experiment Time

We have studied about germination, but mostly on paper, right? Why not try finding out for ourselves, which seeds take how much time to germinate, how much sunlight and how much water? Did you know you can grow some plants even without soil, using a method called hydroponics? Sounds like an interesting thing to experiment with, isn’t it? There are a lot of such scientific concepts that we can experiment on, with just the things we can find at home. So all you young Einsteins out there, put those lab coats and goggles on!

Do Up Those Interiors

Being holed up within four walls of the same old rooms can get daunting some times. To break the monotony of seeing the same things at the same places every day, why not radicalize things up a bit? With the help, and of course approval, of your parents, convert your living room to your bedroom, convert the bedroom into a study, and the study perhaps into a bedroom. Sounds crazy for sure, but vacations are the perfect time to go crazy aren’t they? It will also help break the monotony and give you some much needed physical activity.

So friends, with a little bit of creativity and imagination, you can beat the boredom out of this year’s locked-down-vacation. And while you are at it, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay happy.

About the author

Yamini Vijendran is an English Language Specialist, who teaches, writes and tells stories in the language. As someone who firmly believes that the universe is not made of atoms, but of stories, Yamini loves using storytelling as an impactful tool to disseminate knowledge to her students.

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