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Make Kids Independent and Responsible!

Yesterday I  was watching a video of a toddler, who was barely over a year old. He was helping his father, by pulling out the dishes from the dishwasher and giving it to his father. I was amazed at it and it set me thinking about how his parents taught him to do it. At an age, when kids are learning how to walk and run, this little one was doing wonders.
When it comes to our kids, we become very sensitive and think that they are so young, this is not the right age for this or that. Or simply believe that along the way they will pick it up. But as parents, we forget that this is the RIGHT and BEST age to start anything with the kids, as their tender mind absorbs everything like a sponge.
So here are a few tips on how we can get started with our kids.
1. Start young – the sooner you start the better it is. Regrets can be avoided by being proactive in our approach as parents.  As they grow up developing new interests could be tough, however in their formative years its easy for them to grasp and learn new things.
2. Set an Example- INDEPENDENT starts with ” I”. As parents, it is not only our responsibility to tell our kids, but also set an example for them. Kids learn more by seeing their parents doing things, instead of being told what to do. So set the right example for them.
3. Tell them about the bigger picture- Talk to them and tell them that you love it when there is help around, it makes you feel special. Also, the house is so much cleaner and beautiful when everyone pitches in to make it happen.
4. Try Different ways- every kid is different and unique. There will be few who are keen and interested, few who will take a long time to pick up and some who will just not be interested. The key is to try different ways and not give up on them.
 5. Don’t be harsh, be patient  – It will take some time for a habit to form. Remember when you were young, there were few things you hated to do but over a period of time, you got around it. Sometimes the things we say when we are angry, make a huge impact on kids.
   So next time when you feel like you are losing your mind, give it a break. Why say something you will regret later.
6. Appreciate and reward them– After the work has been done, do make it a point to appreciate and reward them. A hug, an extra spoon of their favorite dessert, a little extra time to watch their favorite cartoon.
Do watch the video below. I would love to know your comments and thoughts.

About the author
Urvashi Pachori is an Entrepreneur, Softs skills facilitator, Etiquette Coach, Corporate Trainer, and an Image Consultant.

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