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Looking for exciting inner-wear for your child? YouGotPlanB!

Have you ever thought how clothes can be fun? How about wearing your favourite cartoon characters on you? Can you learn fun things from your clothes? Can your clothes turn into toys?

Yes, clothes are now more fun and exciting with Yougotplanb. They believe that ‘wearing your attitude starts young’. So, Plan B brings an amazing range of kid’s apparels which are not just fun to wear, but stylish to look at. Currently, their innerwear range includes underwear, boxer shorts, camisoles, vests and socks.

Plan B was conceptualized in 2017 by Sneha Raisoni and Vaidehi Shah. They both did their Chartered Accountancy and spent 5+ years as investment bankers. When Vaidehi had a child she noticed that there was a gap in the children’s innerwear segment and approached Sneha with the idea and the rest is history! Plan B has 2 meanings – the name stands for Plan (a) Baby and it is the promoters’ Plan B in life too!

Our range includes The UnderCovers (underwear and boxer shorts), The Bare Necessities (camisoles, vests and vest-boxer sets) and The Sox Story (socks) for children aged 1-10 years old.

Plan B wants innerwear to move from boring whites to fun and enjoyable clothing. Each design has been carefully thought of and imagined by the promoters, who then work with a bunch of young graphic designers to bring their ideas to life. Season after season they come up with new and imaginative themes with the intention of having fun and not taking life too seriously; what they do take seriously is staying eclectic and comfortable, while being the best in kids’ innerwear.

Check out their Facebook page for all updates.

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