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Kids With Capes

We all grow up listening to stories of great courage shown by Superheroes with magical powers.

These stories inspire us and act as building blocks of our character. Who is your favourite superhero? What is their superpower?

Each of us has a Superpower,-something that we are very good at. For example, somebody’s Superpower could be helping others, singing or doing Math well, etc. Superheroes don’t exist only in fairy tales, they exist in real life too. It is a new generation of Superheroes. These young Superheroes are children from different schools and different parts of the country. They realized their superpower, stepped up and are changing the world. The two powerful words, “I CAN” is their Superpower. Join the movement of these new-age superheroes. Come, be the Change



  • To make the society believe that Children are not helpless and change is possible.
  • To make Children believe in themselves and the power within them in making a difference and bringing about a change in them and in society.
  • To build in self Esteem, Personal Power, Sense of Purpose, and Responsibility in youth.
  • To recognize children not only for their academic achievements but also for being socially aware and proactive change agents in their community.

The story behind Kids with Capes

Mothers- Neelima Ladkat and Dimple Somji run an NGO called With Love. Their children- Ronit Ladkat and Adaah Somji, have been accompanying them for the activities of the NGO. Little did they know, that the seeds of kindness were getting deeply rooted in them? Until one day, the kids decided to do random acts of kindness at their level with their thought processes. Being the new age tech kids and both of them fond of YouTube, they said they wanted to use YouTube as a medium to reach out to kids across the world and spread the message of kindness so every child could make the world a better place sitting in any part of the world and inspire each other.

The mothers wholeheartedly supported them but were also clear that they would be giving them guidance, be there for safety and execution, but the ideas would need to come from them! That’s how the journey began and the kids started coming up with ideas, worked on its backward planning and executed them. They look after every aspect, including making the videos and uploading them. It’s a slow process and they’re in no rush as they are only a year old and still improvising on the way.

Here are a few acts of kindness done and their details-

  1. The kids stay in Koregaon park and have been to Sant Ghadge Maharaj school with the moms previously. They noticed that some children from this school had no uniforms. They looked into it, found more details, and sponsored uniforms for kids- sourcing, packing, distributing. To raise funds for this, Ronit on his birthday, told his friends to not get gifts for him, but to give him cash (as much as they wanted) to help sponsor the children’s uniforms. And parents gladly came forward and helped. He collected enough to sponsor 25 kids.
  2. Shri Sathya Deva group helps a red light area school in lohegaon. The kids wanted to give them their time and love, so the next time the adults were going they hopped in. They self-prepared sandwiches and snacks at home, packed it, planned games and went to lohegaon. They played games there and fed them food. They looked after 40 kids.
  3. The kids joined hands with their mothers’ NGO to plan and execute teddy bear day at the Jesus Christ school. We tied up with professionals pro bono for games, activities, food and teddy bear making. Ronit and Adaah looked after certain departments and executed the activities with the children. They looked after 30 children.
  4. Distributing blankets to the needy in winters is an age-old tradition in Ronit’s house. He decided to take this ahead in his own way with Adaah. They thought hard and realised that people who actually help us and suffer from the cold are watchmen. So they went ahead with 2 more friends and distributed blankets to 20 watchmen. The children had been collecting money aside from all sources especially when they received ‘kharchi’ on festivals and occasions. They paid for the blankets through this.
  5. Ronit and Adaah were very keen to spread awareness about animals. By now, a lot of parents had approached us to do an activity together and one parent amongst the owned a gaushala. So they planned a visit to the gaushala with all kids and explained the importance of cows and everyone contributed in spreading awareness about them and looking after cows and animals


WomanTv took notice of the kids’ work and interviewed Adaah about this channel as well.

Soon, they started receiving a lot of requests from moms to involve their children in these acts of kindness as this is the need of the hour and children must be taught this skill. After working on it for months, they formulated the Kids with Capes Club- where every child is a superhero!

Ronit and Adaah launched the club by taking a kid entrepreneur stall at Champtown. The children sold piggy banks as an entry to become a member of the club. They spoke and explained the concept to other moms and kids, looked after sales and accounts, marketing on Instagram and WhatsApp and at the exhibit, formulating rules of the club, post-process involved etc. They not only received a wonderful and motivating response but also won the best stall for marketing!

The mothers then formulated a WhatsApp group with the parents who bought the piggy banks in order to now start doing activities with them. (not all moms wanted to join, so we checked with everyone) Neelima and Dimple helped formulate a curriculum and invited all members at an event created for the detailed discussion of the club. The children realised the importance of I CAN! To understand what upsets or stirs them, find the solution on their own, plan and execute activities related to solve the issue at their level. They also learnt to start collecting money in their piggy banks only for this purpose and not use it for personal use. Parents have given us a very encouraging response and feedback and want their kids to walk on this path and learn this life skill.

They are touching lives slowly but surely. It’s their baby and the mommies are extremely patient with them through this process. They need to help others without the feeling of pride, but with the feeling of empathy and seva…and that is extremely essential to the mothers.

Kids With Capes Club
Wish to be a member? Read on!

Ronit Ladkat (12 years) and Adaah Somji (6 years) are the founders of the YouTube Channel- Kids with Capes – where every child is a superhero!
They are sprinkling glitter on their journey of life and turning the world into a shiny little happy place.
These cosmic kids are giving the world a bigger message and deeper meaning since 2018. The kindness ninjas will set everything right. If they can, so can you. Join hands with some real cuties who are already on the kindness journey…These kids spread Kindness as thick as they spread their Nutella!!

Channel link-

Subscribe now and help your children be a part of the kindness community.

“Being the Change changes the being“Superheroes are not in fairy tales – they are in every child who says I CAN!


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