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Ishanvi Choudhary – the quintessential all-rounder

Here’s an excerpt from our interview with Ishanvi Choudhary who is a wonder kid, multi talented child from Nagpur. Ishanvi Choudhary is all of 10 years old and studies in Jain Heritage Cambridge school .

News Shuttle – Hi Ishanvi and Smita (Mother), welcome to a quick chat and interview with News Shuttle. Smita, do share a line about yourself.

Smita (Ishanvi’s mom) – I am Smita Choudhary, fashion designer by profession.

News Shuttle recommends you check out the wonderful collection here on Smita’s FB page 

News Shuttle – Amidst lockdown many a kids are trying different activities, what is keeping you busy Ishanvi

Ishanvi Choudhary – Yes during lockdown it’s important to keep ourselves busy from feeling restless. I enjoyed several fun ways to pass the time with my family and make some long lasting memories to go . Playing games like Uno ,Ludo and chess. Beside this I did drawing, learning dance steps, practicing raag and helping my mother in Households work and of course doing school assignments.

News Shuttle –  Apart from this, could you talk about your hobbies interest and future aspirations?

Ishanvi Choudhary – Yes, my hobbies includes reading different types of books.My favourite author is
Geronimo Stilton. I like traveling and look forward for my family vacations. I am fond of music and foods. As my future aspiration is concern , i see myself as an IPS officer and i want to serve my nation.

So what is your wish to learn in the coming years, what is that makes you really happy?

                             Winner girl!

Ishanvi Choudhary – Every man is a work in progress and i wish to progress through the following things in coming years. Learn maths coding, entroll in drawing classes, learn non fire cooking, improve my handwriting and do my best in school.

Any message for all who read this (could be about singing or any of your passion)

Ishanvi Choudhary – What makes me really happy is to spend time with family and talking to my nani. I can’t stay without seeing her in video call. My passion is modelling and acting . I also did Go gas cylinder advertisement and couple of fashion shows. I am hard worker and follow my heart.i take life as it comes and if I get opportunity i will grab it.
I believe if you follow your passion , success will follow you.thank you

Visit her page and find some inspiration too – Ishanvi Choudhary

Find more about this wonder kid on Instagram 

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