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Ira Rawat: The Next Rhythmic Gymnastics Sensation

As she glides across the gymnastics floor, deftly manoeuvring her choice of apparatus, you can’t help but wonder about the kind of preparation and practice that has gone behind this. Yes, for Ira Rawat, it has taken years and years of sacrifices, blood, sweat, and tears to have achieved this level of perfection. Undoubtedly, she is one of the rising stars of India’s rhythmic gymnastics scene. Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport that combines the elements of gymnastics, dance, and calisthenics.

It was her mother, Aarti Rawat, who first spotted the potential of a future star sportsperson in this little girl.

Aarti Rawat – achiever’s mom

With the help from numerous national and international coaches, Ira has been able to garner many awards, accomplishments, and accolades for our country.

Ira is not one to stop at just one laurel, for she is an accomplished ballerina as well. Ballet has helped her in contortions, flexibility, grace, and posture. She has been attending numerous training sessions and camps, both in India and abroad, and is ready to conquer the world. She is an inspiration to not only to her generation but to many younger budding sportspersons as well.

And according to her, her mantra to success is the 3Ps (Persistence, Punctuality, and Passion). And she is the living proof of that!


Right here, is her exclusive interview with News Shuttle – anchored by Shashwati Dixit


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