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How Parents Can Handle Lock-down Effectively with Kids!

With the ‘corona scare’ spreading among the population, social distancing has emerged as one of the best solutions. Schools and offices have been instructed to close down indefinitely, so both parents and kids are in a lockdown situation at home. Before the summers have set in, we have been hit by the ‘stay-at-home’ crisis, interrupting our regular workflow.

Now, parents have to manage both ‘work-from-home’ and ‘play-at-home’ with their kids. Though many of us are having a tough time managing work from home, it might be a blessing as well to engage and interact with our family more than ever, especially with our children.

So, HOW can you keep yourself and your kids busy with some productive activities?

Here are some things you CAN do to make most of this time.

Spend quality family time with fun games

– Classic games like cards, ludo, dumb charades, and others

– Family activities like a treasure hunt, cooking, 1-minute games, etc.

– Using Activity Boxes like Smartivity, Flintobox, Genius Box, Skillmatics, Zigyasaw Puzzles, Firstcry Intellikit, The Story Merchants, Xplorabox, and many more. (These are mostly available online)

Engage them with Educational Resources

– Reading age-specific materials (kids magazines, NewsShuttle, etc.)

– Online apps like Byju’s, Udemy, BrainPop, iReady, Discovery Education and others

– Educational channels like Discovery, Animal Planet, NatGeo Kids, The Brain Scoop and many more

– Engage them in their own hobbies or let me learn some new ones (Crash Course Kids, The Talking Canvas Box, and others)

Eat TOGETHER and SHARE stories

– Ask your kids about something new that they learned or planning to learn

– Talk about your work or simple things about your work life

– Tell them your childhood stories or something that has impacted you in any way

– Keep the conversations simple, lively and educative

And, here are some things you MUST do at this time.

  • 1. Keep SAFE by taking care of your family’s immunity.
  • 2. WASH hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  • 3. AVOID going to public places and gatherings.
  • 4. EAT healthy and exercise ample.
  • 5. SET a routine to plan your day in a better way.
  • 6. CALL a doctor and discuss if any of you feel uneasy.
  • 7. AVOID contact with external people or things as much as possible


Don’t stress and enjoy the time you have got,

Spending time with your family surely means a lot.

There is so much to know and so much to tell,

NewsShuttle is always with you, wishing you well.

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