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How Best to Handle Exam Stress

March is here!…and so are the symptoms of seasonal exam fever – racing pulse, throbbing heart, fear and anxiety. The good news is that these conditions are pretty much curable at home, with some discipline and positive attitude.


Health is Wealth

Do not burn the candle at both ends!. Sufficient sleep is of utmost importance as it helps your mind relax and recall what you have studied. Nutritious and timely meals will keep you physically fit for the extra burden of work. Keep yourself well hydrated as water improves the functioning of the brain by delivering nutrients and cleaning off toxins. Also boost your energy with atleast 30 mins of daily exercise. Caffeine and mobiles are best avoided as they do a great job of depriving you of sleep.


Time is Money

It is a good idea to plan a time-table well in advance. Try to stick to your plan, but be kind to yourself if you can’t. Reorganize as required and move on. Focus on comprehending rather than rote learning to use your time most efficiently.


Take a break

Taking some time off for deep breathing or meditation will ease your muscles and lower that adrenaline rush. Listening to music or engaging in a hobby will also re-energize your mind. Do watch that comedy show that makes you laugh.


Think Positive

In the words of William James, “the greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” Do not sulk over chapters that refuse to sink in your brain. Instead, focus on the sections that you can improve. Congratulate yourself for the problems that you have cracked. Positive thoughts ignite confidence and lower stress.


Every “life exam” is like a wave that may either forcefully propel your boat ahead or may just give a small nudge. In the end, it is the journey that matters the most!

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