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Happiness is Homemade!

One of my friends narrated an incident that really got me thinking. My friend, let’s call her Tara, is a single mom to a cute little girl, Mysha. Mysha had a favourite doll and she wanted a new dress and accessories for her doll. Because of the pandemic, Tara didn’t want to take Mysha to the mall nor did she have anyone to leave her with. Then an idea struck her. Why not make everything at home with the help of Mysha? So, she took out a bag of frozen peas and put it out in the sun to dry. She also took out an old sequined dupatta. Tara and Mysha made jewelry out of the dried peas and a stunning ball gown out of the dupatta. Mysha surprised her mom with her design ideas. Although the jewelry and dress may not have had the store-bought finesse, they both were thrilled at their accomplishment nonetheless.

Tara realized what she had been missing for so long. Between the struggles of single parenting, pressures of Work from Home, and online classes, Tara was unable to spend quality time with Mysha. And just like that, one little idea sparked joy for both of them.

Aren’t we all like Tara and Mysha? The daily grind and struggles leave us too exhausted to find happiness. A bud blooming into a pretty flower on our balcony, the first rainfall of the season splashing on our window, or just an unadulterated tight bear hug from our child, every little moment can bring joy. As we move from one item on the to-do list to the next, we somehow fail to notice and appreciate the precious moments. The little black book in our mind doesn’t record how many people showed up at our party or the extravagance of a luxury vacation. What it does record is the joy you feel waking up next to the person you love, the kids getting all wet while playing at the beach or a simple ‘thank you’ for a meal you so lovingly cooked.

No life is without struggles and there’s no life without the potential to be positive and joyful. When life throws a curveball at you, your home and family become your shield. So get up and smell the roses, take a moment to soak in the fresh morning air, and never tire of saying ‘I Love You’.

The little joys are hidden in every nook and corner and all around us, just waiting to be discovered and embraced.

About the author

Shweta is the Strategic Designer & Editor for News Shuttle. Writing has been a passion for her and she hopes that this endeavour will help kids learn and have fun at the same time.


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