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Creative With KRAFTOONS – Eco-friendly Paper Toys!

When you give a blank canvas to an open mind, it can create wonders. With their creativity, imagination and innocence, kids can paint wonderful stories.

One endeavor giving wings to their imagination is KRAFTOONS, where colors and shapes create new stories. They associated with Shar Papier RUSSIA шар-папье, world’s leading Paper Toy manufacturer to bring unique paper and craft toys to the Indian market.

Kraftoons paper toys can be painted, decorated and beautified in various ways so every one can create their own style. They are like a blank canvas where every child can paint their own imagination. So every piece is unique and fresh.

Kraftoons toys are eco-friendly and safe. They are not only attractive for kids, but also exciting for adults as well. If someone loves to painting or crafting, these paper toys can be perfect to explore. They have a variety of products to choose from. One can head over to their website for the complete list.

These paper toys are a great way to engage kids with something creative, away from gadgets. They are also known to improve motor skills and enhance concentration. They can be given as a gift or kept as a memento.

Some of their products are below:

Image Source: www.kraftoons.com

Kraftoons has collaborated with many schools, educational and artistic institutions and other endeavors to promote the usage of eco-friendly toys among children, and also encourage parents to purchase them. They have various workshops and also been actively participating in various contests as gifting sponsors. We are glad to team up with them for an amazing contest on our page.


Image Source: Kraftoons Facebook page

Check out their amazing products on their website and you will surely love getting creative with KRAFTOONS.

Website: www.kraftoons.com

FB: https://www.facebook.com/kraftoons

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kraftoonsindia

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kraftoons/

Kids really enjoy painting and creating their own Kraftoon toys.

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