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Children’s Newspaper – A Necessity or A Luxury?

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. And, all of us know how good reading habits can affect our minds in so many positive ways. The more we nurture this habit from an early age, the more benefits we can reap afterward.

Reading can be of various types- school books and storybooks, newspaper reading, online reading, etc.

Reading is an exercise for the brain

Any form of reading is a good habit, but the important question is whether our children are getting the right thing to read at the right age?

The question is whether our kids are getting all the information they need to know by reading their school books?

The question is whether online reading can help our children inculcate good reading habits?

It is a good thing that India as a country is reading more than many other countries in the world. We are reading more than 10 hours per week, which is a good sign.

But, are we, especially our kids reading the right thing?

According to a survey, people are buying 3.3 times more books after they got an e-book reader. The book industry in India is also booming.

But, does that mean the kids are reading as much as they should?

Well, there are no definite answers to these questions. But, a children’s newspaper might be a progressive solution to these concerns.

A children’s newspaper? WHY?

Aren’t books, normal newspaper or online material not enough?           

Well, they are enough, but probably not the right thing for your child to get into the groove to good reading.

A children’s newspaper is different from a regular newspaper in many ways.

The RIGHT information: Newspapers, TV channels, and online sites are full of all kinds of news. We need to filter news in the right way for children. Though, they need to be aware of their surroundings, but not engrossed in them. So, it is a good thing to keep them away from certain kinds of news and rather divert their focus to more useful information for their age.

MORE information: More information implies to facts and news from across the globe. A newspaper for kids should have relevant news, which affects them in their daily lives or triggers their curiosity and thirst for knowledge. It should talk about things they know and also about those they don’t know.

NOT JUST information: Children’s newspaper cannot be boring and monotonous. It should help them inculcate good things, invoke their creativity and urges them to learn new things. So, apart from information, there should be puzzles, brain teasers, moral stories, art and crafts and teeny facts and takeaways.

HEALTHY source of information: Addiction to screen time is one of the biggest concerns of modern parents. We, as adults, are equally addicted to gadgets, but probably we know when to stop. But, kids don’t. There is a lot of information all over the Internet, but kids might not be aware of other consequences. Moreover, too much of screen time can affect their eyes, their health, and their minds too. Why not give them access to a healthier and safer source of information? A kid’s newspaper would be perfect for that.

A newspaper for children is nothing new. The Children’s Newspaper is one of the most successful children’s magazines dated back to the 1900s. Some of the popular kid’s newspapers are First News (award-winning weekly newspaper from the UK), RobinAge (weekly kid’s newspaper in Mumbai), and KidsFreeSouls (Newspaper for kids with resources for parents and teachers). Many other newspapers in the country have a children’s section as well.

Coming to the topic that whether a children’s newspaper in India is a necessity or a luxury, we reiterate the fact that to nurture young minds, they need the right reading material at the right time.

So, a children’s newspaper is a necessity that we cannot ignore. And, we should not either!

In an attempt to address concerns of addiction to screen time and lack of traditional reading, News Shuttle is the latest kid’s newspaper in the block. It is a newspaper for kids and parents as well.

What is different about New Shuttle?

* It is crafted exclusively for kids and students

* It is full of information, news, and views from across the globe

* it is a repository of trivia about many unknown things

* It has content written by moms who know what a child should read

* It has an opportunity for children to showcase their talent

* It has a lot of fun stuff for kids- puzzles, stories, art etc.


News Shuttle will put your child into a habit of reading and look forward to a newspaper that is totally for them.

Newspaper for kids in India is no longer luxury rather a necessity to channelize young minds in the right direction.

According to statistics, reading in India has increased over the last 5 to 10 years. Keeping up with this positive trend, News Shuttle aims to give our children something worthwhile to read about and perceive.

We strive to sow the right seeds of information and curiosity in the softness of their young minds TODAY to nurture future global citizens of TOMORROW with the power of knowledge.

When you are taking care of your child’s healthy body, why not take care of their healthy mind too.

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