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Books We Love for 4-5 years old children

We are in a situation we didn’t prepare for. We were comfortable in the routines we had set for ourselves and our family. And now when movement outside our homes is severely restricted we run the risk of running out of ideas to engage and entertain our children. Think of it as a boon that has brought families together and given us the gift of time that otherwise was so hard to get.

We bring to you a series of book recommendations, carefully curated and categorized according to age so that your kids can benefit from their time at home.

The Cherry Tree By Ruskin Bond


This book has been written by one of India’s most loved authors- Ruskin Bond and it was written when Bond was just seventeen. This book talks about eternal hope and how a small thing or idea can grow into something big. The story is about a boy named Rakesh who lived with his grandfather, a retired forest ranger, on the outskirts of the beautiful hill station of Mussoorie. Rakesh and his grandfather would spend time together listening to well-spun stories. One day, Rakesh bought a bunch of cherries on his way home from school. By the time he reached home, there were only three cherries left. He gave two to his grandfather and put the last one in his own mouth. At the suggestion of his grandfather, Rakesh planted the cherry seed in the corner of the garden. In due course, he forgot all about the cherry seed. A year passed by and the cherry tree had grown to be about four inches tall. Rakesh’s grandfather taught him to take care of his plant. The plant turned out to be quite gritty and withstood grazing goats and an accidental axing by a woman cutting grass. Over the years, Rakesh and the cherry tree developed an intimacy and friendship only they understood. Birds, bees and caterpillars made the tree their home and left Rakesh amazed as to how a tiny seed, with proper nurturing, can grow into something so big and beautiful.

Why Giraffe has a Long Neck? By Claudia Lloyd

Have you ever wondered how the giraffe came to become the tallest animal in the world? Well, it was not always so! This book by Claudia Lloyd takes a fun take on how giraffes grew up to be so tall.

A long time ago, this particular giraffe had short horns, short legs, along with a short and stumpy neck. And Ms. Giraffe was a fussy eater and wouldn’t eat anything other than mangoes. She ate mangoes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And as one would expect, she ended up with an upset stomach. Her friends advised her to eat some honey to cure her problem. She goes to a hole in a tree that had some honey inside of it. No sooner does she puts her head inside than her head gets stuck. All her friends come together to pull her head out of the tree hole but to no avail. They pulled her legs but to no luck. Over time, Ms. Giraffe learns to move around with the tree stuck around her neck. After some time, Ms. Giraffe manages to free herself from the tree but her neck was already stretched long. Now, she doesn’t have to eat just mangoes and can easily look for other delicious fruits and soft leaves on top of trees. And her tummy hasn’t been upset ever since, all thanks to her long neck and legs.

Astronauts by Ladybird

Oh, what fun would it be to explore the infinite adventures of space! Who are astronauts? How do they get into space? What do they do there? What are rockets and space stations? If your little one has been curious about all these things, this book is a must-read. Written in a simple and lucid language, it helps children make an effort to read the book themselves. There’s a glossary of repeated words, puzzles, facts, clearly labeled images and much more to fully engage the child. Perfect for children who are just embarking on a reading journey, this book can be either self-read by the child or can be explored as a guided reading session.

Hope you like these books as much as we do. Do let us know what kind of books your children like!

About the author:

Shashwati is an engineer, ex-banker, part-time writer and a full-time mom, settled in Lucknow. Since childhood, books were an inseparable part of her life. Her fondest memories always revolved around books. She started writing on the insistence of her mother.


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