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Meet Ami Kulshrestha

“If you are young and talented, it is like you have wings.”                                                                                                          Haruki Murakami     The above quote by one of the most celebrated writers in the world couldn’t be truer than for Ami Kulshrestha. Ami might be just six years old but the talent, confidence, and poise she possesses belie her

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Let Them Follow Their Dreams

Ever since Ira was born two years ago, everyone, including me is always on the lookout – she has quick responses, she must be sharp! Her tongue is pointed, she is going to be very talkative (old wives tales go a long way when it comes to anything child-related, right from conceiving)! Her fingers are

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Wish we are out of the woods by Yash Raaj Puri

                          Lockdown- a multidimensional turning point   The Janta-Curfew, on March 20th was the first step to the seemingly endless journey of  “The Country Lock -Down”. The school had just re-opened a few days back after the Spring-Break and suddenly we encountered worst crises of a century that led to a complete halt in

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TZP Red Carpet Winners

  TZP and News Shuttle congratulates all the winners and shares excerpt from the interview with them. News Shuttle takes pride in declare – their choice of awards!  Aarohi Rathi all of 2.5 years stood as winner in the 0 to 3 category. She shares all her moments of fun and joy with her twin

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Meditation and its Benefits

Our lives have become mechanical and there is always a rush to do something. The world is getting faster with the advent of technology and the more it is becoming a part of our lives the more it is causing stress and a sense of hurriedness in us. Our family times are getting destroyed as

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How to Ace Homeschooling?

What made humans survive through the millennia is their survival skills. Desperate times call for desperate measures. This pandemic has taught us many more survival skills. Parents are working hard to keep their children engaged, entertained, and happy. With schools shut, educators are imparting education through online classes. But online classes can only do so

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Make Kids Independent and Responsible!

Yesterday I  was watching a video of a toddler, who was barely over a year old. He was helping his father, by pulling out the dishes from the dishwasher and giving it to his father. I was amazed at it and it set me thinking about how his parents taught him to do it. At

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Why Do Children Lie and How to Deal With It!

There isn’t a parent in the world that doesn’t have high expectations of their child. Who doesn’t want to raise a perfect child, ideal in every way? In addition to this, there’s isn’t a child in the world that hasn’t lied in his entire life. When we find our child lying about something or bending

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Make the Locked-Down-Vacation a Fun-Staycation!

We are nearing, hopefully, the fag end of the lockdown period. Yet, with the coronavirus still going strong, it looks like a vacation this year will really be a staycation, with everyone staying home with their families. So, why not make the most of it, by using this time to enjoy to the fullest with

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