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Meet The Founder – Tasnim Contractor from BR Bakers!

This week, in Meet The Founder, we have Tasmin Contractor from BR Bakers.  1. Tell us something about your brand. BR Bakers is named after my children, Burhan and Rukaiya. With over 8 years of professional baking experience,  BR Bakers is among the top 10 bakers in Pune and among the top 100 across India.

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Losing is not fatal

I have always liked to wake up to a tidy home. And as per my routine, I was cleaning up for the night a couple of years ago. While my younger son was already asleep by then, my older son and husband were playing a video game in the living room. Probably on my 20th

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Meet The Founder- Archana Deshpande from PotteryDen!

“A great brand is a story that’s never completely told.” So, ‘Meet The Founder’, an initiative by NewsShuttle aims to share the untold stories of entrepreneurs. We strive to give a platform for these brands by showcasing their founder stories. Every Friday, meet a new Founder on our social media platforms and more about them,

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Ira Rawat: The Next Rhythmic Gymnastics Sensation

As she glides across the gymnastics floor, deftly manoeuvring her choice of apparatus, you can’t help but wonder about the kind of preparation and practice that has gone behind this. Yes, for Ira Rawat, it has taken years and years of sacrifices, blood, sweat, and tears to have achieved this level of perfection. Undoubtedly, she

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All About Misty Peaks- Towards A Healthier Home!

In this age of eco-friendly practices and sustainability, we look for organic products for everything, right from food to body care to toiletries. With a vision to move a step close to this goal, one Company is striving to make such eco-friendly products a part of our daily lives. Let us hear all about them.

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Why Public Speaking?

If you have ever given a speech, you will probably remember this feeling. I remember as a 20-year-old – standing in front of a bunch of curious strangers with AC on, and still sweating my life out. My brain overworked at that moment and in the first few minutes, I felt I would almost faint.

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The Green-Eyed Monster!

As she walked down the street, she had knots in her stomach, tears in her eyes, and had a rush of emotions. She still could not figure why was she left out? Was the other person smarter? Did she not know enough? What about the hard work that she put in? And then she simply

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‘Women For Women’ – Women’s Day Celebration 2021!

The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it. – Roseanne Barr NewsShuttle celebrated Women’s Day 2021 with a ‘Women for Women’, a 12-day long event with amazing expert sessions and a Live Bazaar to showcase products/services, and all by amazing women entrepreneurs. The expert Live sessions were

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“Last Netflix Episode & I will sleep”, “Just after this game I will go back & study”, “Oh, 5 more minutes of WhatsApp and I will finish my chores” ”As soon as I finish this easy task I will take that up” Do you catch yourself amidst this conversation? Is it often a You-are-Lazy tag

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‘Tales of Hannu, the Monkey by Anchal Agarwal!

Mythology interests both kids and adults. We already know how much how kids like mythological characters like Ram, Bheem, Hanuman, and others in the form of cartoons or storybooks, etc. Moreover, storybooks based on Indian mythology are a good way to educate the younger generation about our culture as well as impart the good habit

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