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We Be Events – Fancy Dress Competition

Celebrating “WE BE Events” Fancy dress competition winners with great applause and drum roll   Congratulating all winners of the event   Yohan H Singka winner of (1 to 2.9 years) category.He is all of 1 yr 5 months  Yohan H Singka The proud parents, share these words with the News Shuttle team – Yohan

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How Quarantine Has Changed Me

    How Quarantine Has Changed Me -Nemish Laddad   Often, recluses go to far-fetched locations with no purpose other than “finding their true selves, and their purpose in this world.” In India, ascetics and monks follow a similar rite of passage, once they reach a certain maturity level. You know what I would say

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Yug Pachchhapurkar – a wonder kid!

“Books to the ceiling, Books to the sky, My pile of books is a mile high. How I love them! How I need them! I’ll have a long beard by the time I read them.” – Arnold Lobel The above lines perfectly sum up Yug Pachchhapurkar’s first love-reading. From Geronimos, Hardy Boys, Enid Blyton, and

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Ishanvi Choudhary – the quintessential all-rounder

Here’s an excerpt from our interview with Ishanvi Choudhary who is a wonder kid, multi talented child from Nagpur. Ishanvi Choudhary is all of 10 years old and studies in Jain Heritage Cambridge school . News Shuttle – Hi Ishanvi and Smita (Mother), welcome to a quick chat and interview with News Shuttle. Smita, do

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Truly a wonder kid – “Anaisha Anish Kering”

Anaisha Anish Kering is one of a kind. A student of St. Mary’s School, Pune, she has been abundantly bestowed with unique gifts. Her sweet voice and innocent smile go perfectly with her accomplishments. At just five years of age, her genius mind nurtured carefully by her mother, is set to achieve great things. Not

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Positivity Pill!

Do You Feel The Same At Times when you are not able to control the unwanted, undesirable, destructive thoughts, which we call as NEGATIVE THOUGHTS?   We just can’t stop them and they enter our mind, jump around, create a mess, and make us feel unhappy. We do feel that we want to get rid

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Meet Shivansh Gujar

At just five years of age, Shivansh Gujar’s brilliant mind leaves us spellbound. His vivacious personality and naughty dimples complement a deep understanding that we don’t find often. What sets him apart is that Shivansh is always ready to take up new challenges and learn new things. This is evident in the way he has

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Meet Ami Kulshrestha

“If you are young and talented, it is like you have wings.”                                                                                                          Haruki Murakami     The above quote by one of the most celebrated writers in the world couldn’t be truer than for Ami Kulshrestha. Ami might be just six years old but the talent, confidence, and poise she possesses belie her

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Let Them Follow Their Dreams

Ever since Ira was born two years ago, everyone, including me is always on the lookout – she has quick responses, she must be sharp! Her tongue is pointed, she is going to be very talkative (old wives tales go a long way when it comes to anything child-related, right from conceiving)! Her fingers are

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Wish we are out of the woods by Yash Raaj Puri

                          Lockdown- a multidimensional turning point   The Janta-Curfew, on March 20th was the first step to the seemingly endless journey of  “The Country Lock -Down”. The school had just re-opened a few days back after the Spring-Break and suddenly we encountered worst crises of a century that led to a complete halt in

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