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The Arth of Yoga by the Earth School

Simple yoga practice has an enormous effect on children. Yoga at an early age, sculpts young minds and bodies, giving tools that will enhance and support children to be balanced, creative and calm. And most importantly, it’s fun for the kids to come together and be playful. Physically, yoga enhances coordination, it has a powerful

Exciting Year End Events to Look Out

Delhi Pet Fed 2019 The yearly version of this pet show/ pet adoption drive is sure to win the hearts of even non-pet owners. Expect pooches and canines of all kinds, products, food staples and many games. Date: 28th -29th Dec 2019 Location: NSIC Estate, Okhla Phase 3, New Delhi Contact: https://www.petfed.org/ Pune Pune Art

Kids With Capes

We all grow up listening to stories of great courage shown by Superheroes with magical powers. These stories inspire us and act as building blocks of our character. Who is your favourite superhero? What is their superpower? Each of us has a Superpower,-something that we are very good at. For example, somebody’s Superpower could be

Super Saturday

Meet our superstar “Sayesha” who has stolen million hearts with her act of compassion. Younger Achievers is not just a Facebook or an Instagram page to entice more followers. It is a mission, started with the vision to spread love, light and happiness for the underprivileged kids. This idea was conceived in the mind of a

Think You Can Make Children Smile Through Stories?

Don’t we feel immense joy when we touch someone’s life? All of us have the ability to transform people’s lives each day but only a few get the opportunity to do so often. A kind word, a helping hand, a simple gesture, a joke to make someone smile…. these stay for a long time in

Sunday, Smiles, & Sweat at Feet-a-thon

Angels Paradise Academy and Entrada – The Gyan Bus organized Feet-a-thon, a one-of-its kind Marathon for kids in Pune on 13th October 2019. The event witnessed a phenomenal crowd of over 1000 enthusiastic people, including little ones as young as 6 months old, teenagers, parents, and seniors over 60, too who came to cheer their

The Perks of Positive Parenting

Parenting is a tight rope walk. There are no role models because very child is unique and every parent is different. While there are hundreds of books about parenting and huge discussions, both online and offline about styles of parenting, I sincerely believe there can be no rule book. What worked for one parent and

Ms Moochie Books – An Unique Name in the Children’s Book Industry!

Ms Moochie Books is an independent publishing house. They publish contemporary Indian books for children. What sets them apart is their unique story → book process. All new stories are taken to classrooms by storytellers. Feedback from the children is passed on to the author. They make changes accordingly. This loop is iterated till the

The Bully Monster

Bullying among children is understood as repeated, negative acts committed by one or more children against another. And it is NOT ok. Bullies usually are battling insecurities themselves and they take out their fears by being mean to others. Unfortunately, bullying is quite common during childhood. And it can be either verbal or physical. Sometimes,