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Super Saturday

Excited to introduce you a star in our featured series “Super Saturday”  He’s a power house and full of bright ideas and amazing thoughts at the young age of 10.  Here is an excerpt from the interview with “Swastik Jain” , an author with a five star rating on amazon and the title of being

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6 Science-backed Ways to Raising Successful Kids

“Your job as a parent is not to make your child’s way smooth, but rather to help them develop inner resources so they can cope.” – Ellyn Satter Before you start reading this, ask yourself the following questions: 1. Do I want what is good for my child or what is best? 2. Do I

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Books We Love for 4-5 years old children

We are in a situation we didn’t prepare for. We were comfortable in the routines we had set for ourselves and our family. And now when movement outside our homes is severely restricted we run the risk of running out of ideas to engage and entertain our children. Think of it as a boon that

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21 days -ONLY

  Will you be a good Samaritan for the next 21 days? **Kindness is still inexpensive If you plan to step out to pick essentials for your family, do check with elderly living around who do not have sufficient help. Check if they need something from the store. Also, check with specially abled people or

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How Parents Can Handle Lock-down Effectively with Kids!

With the ‘corona scare’ spreading among the population, social distancing has emerged as one of the best solutions. Schools and offices have been instructed to close down indefinitely, so both parents and kids are in a lockdown situation at home. Before the summers have set in, we have been hit by the ‘stay-at-home’ crisis, interrupting

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How Best to Handle Exam Stress

March is here!…and so are the symptoms of seasonal exam fever – racing pulse, throbbing heart, fear and anxiety. The good news is that these conditions are pretty much curable at home, with some discipline and positive attitude.   Health is Wealth Do not burn the candle at both ends!. Sufficient sleep is of utmost

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Head Out for a Break to these Exciting Places

Delhi There is no better sight than a mesmerizing ensemble of flowers at the Mughal Gardens. The President’s Estate Garden is once again open earlier this time. Go experience an array of flowers, plants, herbs, shrubs and not to forget the charming tulips. Location: Gate No. 35, Rashtrapati Bhawan Date: Till 8th March Contact: https://rb.nic.in/rbvisit/rbvisit_mughal.aspx

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Wise Wednesday

Here’s an excerpt from our talks with a man who is wise, ingenious and so much more! Education has so many aspects to it and Anansh Prasad talks about some of it that will strike a chord with each guardian. 1. Tell us a few lines about how your journey started, what was that one

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Stop Splitting Them Into Blue and Pink!

Pink is for girls, and blue is for boys, Household works are for girls, and not for boys, Dolls are for girls, and cars are for boys, Girls can pretend play as a home-maker, and boys can become pilots, doctors… Though many of us might not want to admit, it, but most of us have

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Children’s Business Fair by The Flourish School

The Children’s Business Fair is a global event with thousands of fairs happening all over the world. Pune hosted its first fair – the Pune Children’s Business Fair by the Flourish School on Sunday, the 9th of February 2020. The goal of the fair is to get children to start thinking about entrepreneurship seriously and

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