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Beat Corona from Grasp and Clasp – More than just a Board Game!

The pandemic had brought some of the most difficult challenges for parents. One keeping the children engaged at home and the second being able to make them understand the implications of Coronavirus. How amazing it would be if there was something that can help parents with both of these. And, we found the PERFECT thing!

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What is SparkleBox all about?

As a parent, we always want to ensure that our children get a constructive and healthy learning environment. They have realized that apart from classroom education, they can learn a lot at home on their own if they have the right resources. With so many brands in the market, it is often difficult for parents

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Happiness is Homemade!

One of my friends narrated an incident that really got me thinking. My friend, let’s call her Tara, is a single mom to a cute little girl, Mysha. Mysha had a favourite doll and she wanted a new dress and accessories for her doll. Because of the pandemic, Tara didn’t want to take Mysha to

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A To-Do List for a Stay-at-Home Parent!

I have come across people who think being a stay at home parent is not a big deal,  I would say,  IT IS!  Especially if you have been working and then embraced being a parent,  when you are quitting your dream job to take care of your little ones,  IT IS!  I have experience of

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All about Tinkerama where they believe in ‘Learning by Making’!

The pandemic has brought about many abrupt changes. One of the most prominent ones is how kids’ education has been affected. It was a big concern for parents to keep them engaged at home and also give a boost to their learning. But, thanks to amazing educational enterprises who have come up with fantastic educational

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Talking to Children about Death!

From the time Avi’s parents, Sheetal and Vikram, brought Avi home from the hospital as a newborn, Moby never left his side. Moby was their beloved pet Golden Retriever. Moby was quite protective of Avi and acted as the elder brother. Avi, too, returned the love in equal dose. Avi was ten years old now

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With the festive season finally getting over, Avi was helping his mom, Meera, keep the gift hampers away. When Meera wasn’t looking, Avi opened a box of cookies and polished them off in no time. Vishal, Avi’s father, caught him in the act. He came over and tickled Avi’s tummy. “My little Golu. What else

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Epically Ramayana – An amazing blend of mythology in games!

When you mix mythology with the magic of games, then both learning and fun are inevitable. And, one brand just did exactly this, and the outcome was an amazing product called Epically Ramayana. Positively Perfect came up with this amazing game for kids which brings together the different characters of Ramayana and the flavor of

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Why Involving Kids in Domestic Chores Is Important?

Last year I visited a friend of mine over the weekend to catch up casually for dinner. Her daughter is the same age as my son. So we first let the kids have their food and we thought we will have once they are done. Both kids had food, my son kept his empty plate

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World Mental Health Day – Little Things Matter!

10th October happens to be World Mental Health Day. The other day, I was watching the movie, Dear Zindagi. There was a headline saying, “Alia Bhatt to romance 4 heroes in her upcoming film!” When I started watching it, I judged her to be psycho. But as the story progressed, it helped me understand the

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