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All about Tinkerama where they believe in ‘Learning by Making’!

The pandemic has brought about many abrupt changes. One of the most prominent ones is how kids’ education has been affected. It was a big concern for parents to keep them engaged at home and also give a boost to their learning. But, thanks to amazing educational enterprises who have come up with fantastic educational kits and workshops, keeping the learning alive in kids has become easier.

NewsShuttle is glad to associate with one such amazing brand called Tinkerema. Let us tell you a bit more about it.

Tinkerama’s vision is to empower kids with creative confidence through hands-on learning. With their STEM workshops and kits, they aim to bring out the innovator in kids!

So… what do they do exactly?

They specialize in electronics, mechanics, coding, and creating fun! They are makers, whose sole purpose of existence is to create and be creative. You will find them conducting workshops around the city – in schools, in museums and of-course, online.

Why Tinkerama?

With Tinkerama’s workshops and products, your child will learn STEM concepts through hands-on projects and gain the confidence to create something from the ground up. Their curriculum is designed to bring out your kid’s best ideas and put them to the test. Kids learn the value of persevering and trial and error and will overcome their fear of failure.

What is Young Edison Series all about?

The Young Edison Series is a subscription kit with innovative, curated content geared to build creative confidence in kids. Every month, you get one kit delivered to your home. With that kit, you can make a complete project, and learn STEM concepts through challenging activities.

You can flex your creative muscles too by making your own innovative project ideas. Just follow the four stages of learning – Try It, Learn It, Make It & Innovate It. Throughout the Young Edison projects, you have the guidance of their expert, available through messages and a LIVE class!

Read more about it here.

4 stages to STEM learning-


Concepts you learn with the Young Edison Series-


A Live session about Young Edison Series-


What you gain by Subscribing?


BUY NOW AT https://bit.ly/2VdB9IG

Check out this amazing video: 

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tinkeramablr

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tinkeramablr/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tinkerama

Email: smitha@tinkerama.com

About the Founder

Smitha, the founder is an enthusiastic and passionate engineer and maker. She has an M.Tech from IISc, and experience working with over 350 children in Bangalore and USA. She loves all things making and teaching. Tinkerama is her brainchild, and she hopes to make a real difference with it. She truly believes, that when a child learns a concept by building something from the ground-up, the learning is deeper, and the confidence gained, priceless!

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