About Us

NEWS SHUTTLE is a fortnightly Newspaper that offers a knowledge pool for kids of ages 6 to 14 years. We aim to bring news from across the globe, that matters to kids, in their language. News Shuttle is a news media exclusively for young creative minds. Our endeavor is to engage kids with fun, safe and empowering news, that can help scale their thought process to newer heights.

We also bring back the kids to an age where reading is interactive, informative and at par with what technology can offer. The word “Shuttle” means a way of transport that commutes between two points, and this is the sole aim of this news journal. We are focused and devoted to ensure that the right kind of ‘news and views’ reach the young minds and this is an ongoing process of learning and exchange of futuristic ideas.

The team behind this endeavor is passionately committed to this, as they comprise of parents of growing children, who have personally faced the concern of not being able to give their kids, a paper that could be termed as “kid friendly”

Our Team


Founder / Editor
Shweta, mom to a vivacious 12-year-old, brings her parenting experiences to create and found News Shuttle-a newspaper for kids. Writing has been a passion with her and she hopes that this endeavour will help kids learn and have fun at the same time.


Sr. Writer
Debolina is a freelance content and creative writer, blogger, and author from Bangalore. She is a mom too and loves reading to her toddler. She is an avid reader herself and loves to pick up cues for her writing from things around.


Sr. Writer
Saswati is a writer from Lucknow who loves to write short stories. She gets motivated and inspired by her daughter and gets most of her ideas from.


Sr. Writer
Lalitha Balasubramanian is an Author, freelance Journalist, compulsive traveler, voracious reader, nature lover, music and fine arts enthusiast, believer of “live life to the full,” and most importantly, Grandma to four adorable kids who just love her story sessions.


Sr. Writer
Guneet Kaur is an over-enthusiastic Mother to her son. A writer, storyteller, drama-teacher and Montessori advocate. She loves to be around children and that is where she gets cues to spin micro tales, in and around her natural settings. She loves to keep on adding books to her son’s enviable library. She lives by the mantra, “Normal is Boring”.

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