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We Be Events – Fancy Dress Competition

Celebrating “WE BE Events” Fancy dress competition winners with great applause and drum roll


Congratulating all winners of the event


Yohan H Singka winner of (1 to 2.9 years) category.He is all of 1 yr 5 months 

Yohan H Singka

The proud parents, share these words with the News Shuttle team – Yohan is a blessing for our family. He is a brilliant kid. He loves his books more than his toys. He is a smart and a quick learner. He loves to do Puja, he sits on the Puja mat and chants Om Nama Nama Nama, he makes all of laughs by his activities, his cute accent. He loves doing painting. He always helps his mumma in small chores. He believes in cleanliness, he takes a small napkin and starts cleaning where he sees dirt. He always tries to repeat as much as words as he can in his own accent. At such age he has learned so much he has learned AFor Apple till I for Ice cream, he knows the 1-10 sequence and We are really proud of him.


Meet next our little wonder box, Prisha who is the 1 st runner up of the 1-2.9 category

Prisha Rajesh Deshpande

Prisha Rajesh Deshpande is of 1 year 2 months and she loves to read alphabets and also to dance . She is very playful and naughty. She has been recognised as young talent by Innoventure Intelligence Plus forum 2020 as well. Super energetic, enthusiastic and pretty smile is what describes our princes Prisha say the happy parents after the WE BE event concluded.


Pratyush Umesh Purohit

Our chocolate boy Pratyush is the 2 nd Runner up for the 1-2.9 category. This bundle of joy is said to be in crazy love of Cars, cars and CARSSS. He is the centre of attention for the entire family, still too young to meet the school mates. Pratyush hails from Mumbai.

Moving on to our next category of 3 to 5 years

Let us meet our winner Riyansh


As name defines Riyansh is “Ray of Sunlight,” he is super energetic, active and talkative boy. He loves to go to school and is a favorite with his schoolmates. Riyansh has great lovefor Cricket and football and also is passionate about cars.

Reyansh is adorable and caring kid who has a tooth for sweets, chocolates and everything yummy. He super eager and always ready to take part in school and social activities. Reyansh’s parents conclude the talk by saying they feel lucky to be blessed with a kid like him.

Sanvika N is 1 st runner up of 3 to 5 years category

Sanvika N


Sanvika is from Bangalore and is a super amazing and multi talented.  She is enthusiastic, active and involves easily with friends. From this early age, her parents see the talent of being a strong team player in her. Sanvika parents feel elated and proud of being parents to a wonder kid.

Aaryan is the 2 nd runner up for age group 3-5 years


Aaryan is from Oakridge international school Bangalore.  He loves to cycle, dance, playing on beaches and swimming . He makes friends with much ease and is a young risk taker who is full of positive energy.  The young boy brings joy not just to parents but to all around him.

Nuha winner of category 6-10

Nuha Momin

Nuha Momin is a January baby, all of 5 years and belongs to Thane, India. She is a loving kid,  who is  studying in  Lok Puram School. This creative kid is always involved in making new things, coloring or drawing.

Nuha, at this young age has been bestowed with many a trophies from school competitions for fancy dress and creative contests.

Let us now meet our first runners up for  6 to 10 years category – Tweesha Dhaval Doshi

Tweesha Dhaval Doshi

Tweesha as her name suggest is bright young kid full of life and comes with a very loving personality .She gels along with any age group with grace. She has special attention to details for nature,earth and universe as a whole. Tweesha is from Vibgyor high school   and has some great love for reading and cycling.


Upnext is Jeeyana Melvani  our 2nd runners up for this category

Minds were not there to built to sit and be taught.
They were built to explore,play and learn..

Jeeyana  likes to explore. She smartly expresses that she just doesn’t believe in listening but from this tender age believes in the power of practicing.


Teenagers bring with them some super vibes of energy, new look out and power of bringing some great changes. We now move to our “Teens” category of winners by WE BE Events.


Aashni.C.Sonar is the winner of 11 to 15 years category She is from Muktangan English School and has inclination towards creativity, designing , and acting. An artist at heart, she said she thoroughly enjoys participating in any form of art.

Meet the next teen Suruchi bakrole  who is the first runners up in the 11 to 15 years category. Born to proud parents Nirmala bakrole and Vijayprakash, she is now 15 years.

Suruchi Bakrole

Suruchi loves to dance and participate in acting events. She mentioned that she has been learning bharat natya since 5 years. She has successfully completed three exam :-pravisha pratham , pravisha purna , prarambhik.

Vrinda Bhandari – Founder WE BE Events

The entire series of this events were conceptualized and headed by Vrinda Bhandari of We Be Events. She is a strategic event organizer who has time and again proven beauty of well managed events.


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