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21 days -ONLY


Will you be a good Samaritan for the next 21 days?
**Kindness is still inexpensive
If you plan to step out to pick essentials for your family, do check with elderly living around who do not have sufficient help. Check if they need something from the store.
Also, check with specially abled people or people with ailments which don’t allow them to do the run around.
**Do some calls – still better some video calls
Help family and friends to feel connected and strong during a dip phase. Loneliness can be troublesome. Play some game while chatting like tambola, dumb charade or Antakshri. 
**Kindness part 2
If you are going outside, carry some left over food and water and drop them at any safe corner of the road which can be found by the animals living on the street. Remember to feed what they must eat or what they can eat. 
**Don’t add to panic
Avoid floating negative, unverified news to any one – any group.  Don’t stock up so much that the needy don’t get basic groceries.
**Plan well
Stock up grocery for next few weeks Divide work within the family Start a course or hobby for productive engagement
And the baseline remains STAY HOME STAY SAFE


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